Used Car Loan

Despite the fact getting a new car is the ideal situation; the reality is that a new car is out of the reach of many people. This makes a used car loan an attractive proposition. My Car Loan Online offers used car loans to thousands of Canadians who have bad credit or bankrupt every year.

Our network of lenders and car dealers offer generous lending rates irrespective of your credit history. Furthermore, your used car loan is approved in less than 48 hours.

Canadians buy millions of used cars and you too could be driving your own car by accessing our services.

How Can I Refinance My Car Loan?

We also offer used car loan refinancing. You may have a loan with a financier and are probably wondering where you can get a more favorable rate. If this is the case, we can definitely find you a solution. Just talk us and we will review your current loan contracts to verify if you have any pre-payment penalties.  We also are able to tell how your current financier is computing the interest on your loan. To find out more about our car loan refinance service, call 1.877.433.1777. Our operators are standing by to answer all the questions you may have.

Useful Tips When Buying a Used Car

The following tips are useful when buying a used car;

  • • Make sure you get the vehicle’s index number (VIN). This makes it easy to track the car’s status by being able to access information such as; previous owners, outstanding loan commitments and accident history.
  • • Test drive the used car before signing any used car loan documents and ownership documents
  • • Get a mechanic or trusted friend who knows more about cars than you do to look it over and make sure everything is in order. Make sure the suspension, brakes, head and rear lights, indicators and other gadgets are in proper working order. Also make sure the oil is checked, cooling system, battery and anything else your mechanic can think about before you make a commitment

To find out more about our used car loan and used car loan refinance call 1.877.433.1777 today.

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