Vehicle Depreciation

My Car Loan Online offers an introduction to depreciation of vehicles. Car buyers are concerned about the depreciation of their car value over time. If you are purchasing a used car, it is better that you grasp the concept of vehicle depreciation. While you pay retail the moment you purchase a car, it is only worth wholesale price when you drive off in it. Here, are some basic tips regarding depreciation.

In the first year, a car loses 15-20%
In the second year, a car is valued at 80-85%, after its value in the first year
And in the third year, the car is valued at 80-85% after the value of the second year

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A new car, however, will depreciate significantly in the first year because; retail price has been paid on it. The wholesale value can be recovered once the car has left its lot. My Car Loan Online provides access to a group of dealers and lenders who are willing to offer a pre-approved car loan, as well as ensure you gain access to accurate evaluation in the trade-off. Our network has been successful at putting the interest of our customers first.

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