Car Maintenance Tips

The most vital element of car maintenance is keeping your vehicle clean. Here, are several car maintenance tips.

  1. Clean the tires and body using separate cloth, so that the debris collected from the wheel doesn’t scratch the vehicle paint.
  2. Use proper cleaning products and a stiff brush when cleaning the car tires. This way you can remove the blackened front rims and brake dust.
  3. Avoid using household cleaners. Car cleaning products are specifically designed to keep the wax and finish in place.
  4. The rear generally accumulates the most amount of dirt; clean this area last.
  5. Use clean water to rinse the cloth regularly to avoid damaging the finish.
  6. Rinse the body thoroughly, including the fenders and wheels. Once you have a dry and clean surface, follow the directions of the manufacturer and apply the wax.

Car Maintenance Schedule

While keeping the car clean is vital, so is regular vehicle maintenance. Create a maintenance schedule and make certain you stick to it.

  1. Perform monthly checks for tire condition, inflation, lights, engine light, window washer fluid.
  2. Perform three months check for fluid, battery, automatic transmission, belts, oil and filter, engine air filter, fuel filter and cables.
  3. Perform six months check on polish and wiper blades, chassis lubrication.
  4. Perform twelve months check on cabin air filter, brakes, coolant, steering and suspension and spark plugs
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